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  • Chris Gilliland

Get in the Spirit with these Fall Landscaping Ideas

With the autumn season officially here, your clients might be looking for some ideas and inspiration for fall landscaping ideas. With the fall being a time of year that many people embrace, they often want to get in the spirit by creating landscaping displays that highlight everything there is to love about the season. This is particularly true at commercial properties, where landscaping displays can draw visitors, residents, or guests in.

Joseph Barnes, marketing director for a national landscaping provider says that the front entrance is the most obvious and impactful area to consider fall landscaping ideas. This is where you’ll get the most wow factor and be able to create enticing aesthetic appeal.

But other locations on a commercial property that could benefit from fall landscaping include any employee gathering areas at office or building complexes, intersections that get a lot of car and foot traffic, and even building interiors such as lobbies.

“Any area that is a gathering space or that people tend to walk or drive by could be a good location for fall landscaping enhancements,” Barnes says.

It never hurts to make suggestions to property or facility managers who might be looking for some inspiration.

There are a variety of flowers that can work well in a front entrance flower bed. While mums are valued for being hardy and available in a range of colors and are definitely a top pick, they aren’t your only choice, Barnes says.

“Ornamental kale or cabbage, various ornamental grasses, pansies, and violas are all popular fall flower choices and can work nicely with mums,” he says.

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